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The Woodshop on Granville Island

Doug Warren brings his 38 years of experience to bear on all things woodcraft at The Woodshop on Granville Island. A working studio and shop, The Woodshop is open to the public 7 days a week... if you're lucky, you just might be greeted by the adorable and friendly shop dog, Angus.

Ever since Doug was a small boy he liked to build things. As a little boy his passion was a Mechano set; little strips of metal full of holes and tiny little nuts and bolts to hold them all together. Hours and hours on the living room floor building structures of all shapes and sizes with parts that actually worked, with levers and cranes and wheels.
When Doug was in elementary school his parents bought him a hatchet ( times have certainly changed! ). He would spend all of his time in the forest close to his house building forts of all kinds, from lean-tos to basic log structures. The construction, the way it all went together, the way the parts all supported themselves, and the way one style of joinery affected the overall structural integrity of the fort was the most interesting thing for him to discover.

Then on to high school years where Doug’s father led a crew of Doug and his good friend Doug T in the construction of several cabins on the small islands close to Vancouver.

Even during his university days Doug supported himself by building looms which he sold on the concourse of Simon Fraser University.

Upon graduation, unlike his fellow students who went on to become exceptional planners for the city of Vancouver, Doug undertook an apprenticeship with local legend Oscar Nygaard in North Vancouver. Oscar was the guy who brought production woodturning to Vancouver, initiating the change from those horrible wrought iron railings that everyone had, to beautiful wooden railings and newel posts. This initiated Doug’s 38 year career in stairs and railings. Doug became the go to guy if you needed a custom built staircase or railing, often sending his staircases to different countries around the world.

Now, in 2013 Doug is thrilled to be bringing his talents to bear on all kinds of woodcraft. What he still likes is building functional pieces with an artistic flair. The thrill for Doug is the same as it was when he was a young boy building the Mecano structures and the forts in the woods; he loves the engineering of the pieces, making the most of the material used for the project and creating something people can use and enjoy for years to come. This is his goal for The Woodshop on Granville Island.

The Woodshop on Granville Island

1247 Cartwright St, , Vancouver, BC, V6H 3R9
Location: Railspur District
(604) 369-8393

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